Justine Greening to host social mobility webinar with FHN members in Essex

Posted 9th October 2020

Family Hubs play an important part in improving social mobility and who better to talk about this than Family Hubs Network members, Adrian Coggins, Head of Wellbeing and Public Health Commissioning at Essex County Council, and Richard Comerford, Managing Director of Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service. They are inspirational pioneers of an integrated civic health model benefitting families in Essex. Everyone in the Family Hubs Network, and your contacts, are warmly invited to this webinar, hosted by Justine Greening, former Secretary of State for Education, at 10am, on Tuesday 13th October.

Join our webinar discussion: Changing predetermined health and social inequalities through social mobility initiatives

There is increasing evidence that points to a growing disparity in health and social outcomes between the different socio-economic groups in society, despite living in a country where education for children and young people is free, where there is dependable welfare coverage and where healthcare is free at the point of use. We know that health inequalities don’t begin inside our GP practices or hospitals, but throughout communities by way of intergenerational behaviours and habits within families and communities and the complex and interrelated life opportunities, and barriers to them, that heavily shape each and everyone’s futures.

Virgin Care have now officially signed up to the Social Mobility Pledge because we recognise the importance of ensuring all people from whatever backgrounds and circumstances should have the same opportunities to enable them to achieve their full potential in life, without being unfairly limited by the personal obstacles and challenges they have been born into. Social mobility is all about instilling attitudes, cultures and mechanisms in organisations and the communities in which they are based that enable people to not only access opportunity but to be supported in a way that helps them make the most of them.

What has this got to do with health? Well, we believe that supporting families to help them get their children off to the best start in life sets an essential foundation for enhanced opportunities as well as improved health and social outcomes.

Join us on Tuesday 13th October from 10:00 for what promises to be a fascinating webinar discussing the Social Mobility initiative and how Virgin Care has applied some key principles within its civic health model for child and families in Essex. The webinar will feature former Secretary of State for Education, Justine Greening MP as host, with valuable insights and discussion from Vivienne McVey (CEO, Virgin Care), Richard Comerford (Managing Director, Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service) and Adrian Coggins (Head of Wellbeing and Public Health Commissioning, Essex County Council).

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