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If you run multiple Hubs please could you fill in a separate form for each Hub. Even if a lot of the information is the same this will allow each of your Hubs to come up as a separate pin on our interactive map and help us to know how many Hubs there are in total in the UK. If there is no difference between your different Hubs apart from the address and the contact, please do let us know and we can fill in the additional entries our end saving you the work. The information you fill in this form will not be copied verbatim onto your Hub profile – so please do indicate if there are some things you want to share with us, but that you do not want visible on your profile.

  • 1. Your details

  • Please insert the name of your Family Hub.
  • This will not appear on the Family Hub Profile
  • We will use this to contact you - it will not appear on the Family Hub Profile
  • We will use this to contact you - it will not appear on the Family Hub Profile
  • If you don't have your own site or page, please include any local authority pages or social media that might be relevant. Please include the full address including https://
  • Examples could include the Local Authority, a voluntary organisation, a health partner or a housing association. Who was the impetus behind the Family Hub and who drives it forward?
  • 2. Additional/delivery partners

  • Who are the main partners?
  • Alongside the lead organisation who else is involved in delivering and commissioning services and initiatives in your Family Hub? This could include voluntary organisations, schools, children's centres, health centres, libraries or businesses.

  • 3. Family Hub location

  • Please give the address of the Family Hub. This should be the place where families can access help and may be the place where many services are delivered. If your Family Hub is more virtual and does not have a building where families can access help but is a site where professionals meet to work in a coordinated way, please give the address of this site.

  • Start typing your address or drag the map pointer above
  • This should be the local authority area for the post code your Family Hub is registered at.
  • 4. What happens in and from your Family Hub?

  • We know that not all services or initiatives are delivered through Family Hubs, but we would love to know of any services that you are connected with or that you refer families to. We want to get a feel for how you run, what makes you unique, and what you are most proud of.

  • Please tick a maximum of two types of Hub that describe you best. For example, you might be known as a Family Hub but be based in a school or repurposed Children's Centre. Click here for a Summary of Family Hub types (opens in new window).
  • Please tick all that apply, and let us know if we have missed any.
  • If families can self-refer, how do they know about the Family Hub?
  • What funding streams have you drawn on for the Family Hub? This can include for both capital and ongoing funds. Please tick all that apply.
  • Please explain more about how professionals and services within your Family Hub work together. For example, what professionals are involved in the Family Hub? Do you co-locate and co-deliver services? What is the referral pathway for families? We can also follow up with you about this once you have submitted the form.
  • Please share anything that might be useful - we don't have to make it public on your Family Hub profile. This could be local authority cabinet papers, strategy documents, Ofsted inspections, evaluations or even your Family Hub branding and communications. If you have photographs we would love to put them on your profile - if you are happy to share them. We can also follow up with you about this once you have submitted the form.
  • Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please share up to five. This could include some anecdotes, case studies, statistics or general trends. We are interested in both social and financial outcomes.
  • Do you know of or are you in touch with any other Family Hubs?
  • 5. Anything else?

  • We would love to know here if you are in touch with or know of any other Family Hubs?

All entries are reviewed before they are added to the network directory and map. We may require further information from you and will send you an email to the email address included with your entry.

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