Why have we set up a Family Hubs Network?

Family Hubs are spreading across the UKthe Family Hubs Network aims to support this growth and share current good practice:  

For providers and commissioners:    

  • To map out where services and programmes are provided – by, for and with whom.  
  • To facilitate service providers to share good practice through newsletters and events.  
  • To build relationships with service providers to learn what works. 

For policy makers: 

  • To demonstrate to policy makers the impact of delivering in a Family Hub model. 
  • To represent the momentum and support that is gathering for Hubs. 
  • To persuade government to move in a Hub direction for family support.

This Government has promised to champion Family Hubs (Convservative Party Manifesto, December 2019) and the Network aims to work with all relevant Departments to help them fulfil this commitment.